MACH Project is the result of many years of experience with the Ateliers of the Festival Musica sull’Acqua and provides an opportunity for musicians of all ages and formations to meet and participate in a process of exploration and rediscovery of the roots of perception, expression, and creativity.

Thanks to the use of various forms of artistic expression, neuroscientific disciplines, and by sharing musical experiences, this project offers the possibility to develop aninnovative approach to Music through perception of the self in its totality.


MACH YOUTH is the heart of the Music Art Creativity Hub, ia point of encounter for all the MACH experiences, where young people of all ages gather and bring together different experiences and formations in an innovative artistic, didactical, and pedagogical process.


MACH ENSEMBLE is an emanation of the Mach Project and Orchestra, the chamber group of the Music Art Creativity Hub,where the musicians undertake an in-depth study of the most diverse chamber music repertory, ranging from early to contemporary music.


MACH ORCHESTRA is thesymphonic orchestra of MACH, a meeting place for musicians from all over the world through a project that seeks to develop a wider approach to the study of music thanks to an encounter with other forms of artistic expression and neuro-scientific disciplines.

An intense, friendly partnership. Learning together, overcoming barriers and prejudices, supporting each other, and moving forward united, across the generations. Making music together as one the most beautiful forms of community, in an exchange with an audience willing to join this common ground.”
- Christine Rhomberg -

Hilti Foundation’s Director of Community Arts and Culture


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