Immersed in an area of extraordinary natural beauty, the Festival has strong ties with visual art and the artistic gesture in general.

Velasco Vitali paints the essence of its deepest themes, gifting the eye of every listener with imagination, expressing the energy of the music which characterizes each program.


– 2021 –

De-siderare (to desire), to stare towards something that draws our attention, or conversely to look away when we perceive an absence experienced as a passionate and endless search. 

In a word, a desire. The energy that pulls us beyond our everyday reality, where what really matters is the act of desiring itself.


– 2019 –

“Movement”is what we all experience when we feel a stimulus that helps us reach a new stage in our lives or in the creative process.

Whether physical or spiritual, “Movement” brings change to the soul and the body.


– 2018 –

Dreaming is essential to the birth and creation of any trace Man can leave.

Dreaming is vision, and thanks to it a person follows a path, undertaking a voyage which, when finished, will leave him transformed.


– 2017 –

Inspired by the well-known composition, The Planets, by Gustav Holst, the 2017 edition of the Festival presents the original version for two pianos in a program that encompasses the musical production of the 19th century, as well as romantic and antique periods, with a taste for the numerous colors and perfumes of music through the ages.

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