Silence and Listening are two elements that have enveloped the world in this particular moment in history. 

Before returning to the sound of musical instruments, the Festival “Musica sull’Acqua” would like to listen to the music of silence of our places and to the voices of five personalities especially dear to us. 

“The Hero’s Journey” is the work dealing with myth that Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler gave to us.

Patrizia Belotti, Tony Lopresti, Diego Matheuz, Julian Rachlin, Moni Ovadia, will conduct us along their personal journeys in time which led to their success.  

Their pathways are characterized by Talent, Vision, Tenacity, Creativity and Ability to Listen thanks to their great eclecticism which continually regenerates their extraordinary artistic development. 

Through the archetypes of the hero’s journey and the human family, each of us will be able to relive our personal interior journey listening to the profound voices of our heroes.  

In expectation of the time when we can all meet again in Music we embrace you all with joy and affection, happy to be able to invite you to these encounters to be able to travel with us, the Academy of MACH Project and Orchestra and the Festival Musica sull’Acqua.



Francesco Senese

artistic director

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