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Edition 2024 → From 5th to 30th July

festival 2024

xX Edizione 

Creation is a deliberate act that brings into existence what did not exist before; an instantaneous gesture or an evolutionary path; an intimate process of imagination, representation, interpretation that characterizes the creative experience of man, who thus becomes an artist and
composer, making an evolutionary path over the centuries.

Today, faced with the creative power of the great Masters of all time, in order not to risk losing the heritage they have given us and to enjoy the opportunity to be inspired and guided, we must create special conditions that favor the possibility of more attentive listening and deeper understanding. We are convinced that Nature and the beauty of some special places are the best conditions for ninety minutes of live music to become an indefinite moment of meditation, growth, communion, sharing. Both for the musicians, who create their unrepeatable interpretation moment by moment. Both for the audience, who feeds their soul with Beauty. Which always inspires and therefore always leads each of us to create: thoughts, words, actions, projects… whose impact must be positive and constructive, to be able to generate joy and harmony together.