MACH YOUTH is the heart of the Music Art Creativity Hub, a point of encounter for all the MACH experiences, where young people of all ages gather and bring together different experiences and formations in an innovative artistic, didactical, and pedagogical process.

MACH YOUTH is an Atelier project, workshops for children and young people, that makes the Festival Musica sull’Acqua a unique experience.

MACH YOUTH proposes a new approach to enjoying and experiencing music,born out of the need to share the culture of listening, permitting the encounter of different forms of art and promoting musical education and its divulgation, always aiming for the highest level of artistic expression.

Every soul burns with a deep desire to touch the truth… but the truth cannot be imposed. Each person, however, can choose the appropriate paths along which it can be reached.

- Tony Lopresti -

Mach Mime Coach

In Colico, every year for the last fifteen years, two weeks of Ateliers involve almost 100 youngsters from 6 to 18 years of age, giving them the opportunity to experiment and perfect, through various forms of expression, the art of listening in all its perceptive aspects, thanks to an encounter with important figures from the artistic and musical spheres.

The educational program presented in the Ateliers offers various musical and artistic genres, proposing the rediscovery of perceptive and creative abilities on diverse levels, such as auditory, gestural, conceptual, and motorial.



Discovering orchestral and instrumental techniques in an individual program designed to improve the growth of the group and the ability to communicate through music.


Characterized by perception exercises, this course uses clay slip to focus on gesture, to discover the expressive powers of the hand in its totality.


Pressure and gestural ability in the manipulation of soft clay lead to recognition of the imprint of the human being, one’s real identity card.


Listening, memorizing, and improvising give full expression to the creativity of the participants through musical and rhythmical games on percussion instruments whether traditional, ethnic or of new conception.


Inhabit and perceive a space where materials and stage come into dialogue through a child’s vision and creative inner self.


A workshop that leads to the rediscovery of one’s own body and communicative capabilities by learning the techniques of gestural expression comprising the art of mime.

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