MACH Ensemble: An Artistic Experience Dedicated to Chamber Music


It arises from the Mach Project and Orchestra as the chamber group of Music Art Creativity Hub. It explores in depth a vast and diverse chamber music repertoire, from early music to contemporary, bringing together the first chairs and the young musicians of Mach Orchestra. 

In the few years since its inception, MACH ENSEMBLE has acquired a repertory with works ranging from Monteverdito Luciano Berio, through the music of Bach, Mozart, Grieg, Hahn, Bartok, Stravinsky, and Milhaud, to name just a few of the many authors studied.

Mach Ensemble collaborates with soloists and artists such as Ingrid Fliter, Sara Mingardo, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Alda Caiello e Moni Ovadia.


The artistic and human experience which I enjoyed with MACH Ensemble was one of the most significant of my life as a man of theatre encountering cultured music. MACH Ensemble is not only an assemblage of musicians of the highest caliber, it is also a project that considers musical undertaking as a vision of life and society founded on the value of culture, of which music is its sublime and universal expression.