Presentation of Music Workshops

MACH Project was born from the many years of experience of the Ateliers of the Musica sull’Acqua Festival as a meeting place for musicians of all ages and backgrounds for a path of research and rediscovery of expressive and creative perceptive sources.


Thanks to various artistic languages, neuroscientific disciplines, sharing of musical experiences, this project offers the possibility, through music workshops, to develop a regenerated approach to music by listening to the individual in its entirety.


It is the heart of Music Art Creativity Hub, the meeting point of all Mach’s experiences, children of all ages form Mach Youth by bringing together different experiences and formations through an innovative artistic, didactic and pedagogical path


It is an emanation of Mach Project and Orchestra, the chamber group of Music Art Creativity Hub where musicians meet for an in-depth study of the most varied chamber repertoire, from ancient to contemporary music.


It is the MACH symphony orchestra, a meeting place for musicians from all over the world through a project that aims to develop an approach to the study of music, thanks to the encounter with other forms of artistic language and neuroscientific disciplines.

An intense and friendly collaboration. Learning together, overcoming borders and prejudices, supporting each other and moving forward together, across generations. Making music together as one of the most beautiful forms of community, in exchange with an audience willing to join this common ground.


Hilti Foundation’s Director of Community Arts and Culture